Who we are

Established in 2008, the Washington Distillers Guild
is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization that represents and works to promote the success of distilleries located in the state. We do this through industry education, legislative efforts, events like PROOF, and an active board of directors comprised of distillery owners and industry members in Washington.

“A Spirit For Every Palate”

Washington State is home to more than 100 distilleries making everything from single malt whiskey to gin. We're one of the top states in the nation for craft distilling and our unique geography houses distilleries everywhere from rural farms to urban centers.

operations of all sizes

From someone making bottles of absinthe a handful at a time to distilleries tracking production in barrels per day, Washington state has it all. While the scope and volume of distilleries may vary, one metric does not: Passion.


Each year we host PROOF WA, a grand tasting that encompasses almost 50 distilleries, food vendors, restaurants, and industry friends showcasing everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

local flavor

Washington State is a renowned agricultural region and the access to local grains, botanicals and spices for gins and liqueurs, and clean water are all key to our local flavor. Distilleries have partnerships with local farmers and many of us export to other parts of the globe, putting Washington on the map for quality spirits.

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